Sollten Sie sich hierher verirrt haben - gehen Sie wieder! :-) Hier entsteht die Media-Site von Football-Austria.com. Hier gibt es nocht nichts zu sehen. Rein garnix! Also los, worauf warten Sie. Schauen Sie wohin wo es etwas zu sehen gibt. Zum Beispiel hier:

Eine Gratis Nacht mit Paris Hilton inklusive Flug und Unterkunft!


Red Faction offers Multiplayer Capture the Flag for two opposing teams of players. The object of the game is to score points for your team by collecting your opponents' flag and returning it to your base while protecting your own flag. Teams are awarded one point per capture. To capture, you have to touch your opponents' flag to automatically steal it. While carrying the flag, you will see a flashing flag icon in the lower left of the screen besides the team score. You must return the enemy flag to your own flag stand while your flag is there in order to score a point. If your own flag is stolen, to return it to the flag stand you must kill the opponent carrying the flag, which will be visible on his back and will emanate a glow that matches your team color. When killed, the opponent will drop the flag in the field -- you must touch the flag to return it to your base before another opponent comes and touches the flag to pick it back up. Games can be set to terminate after a certain number of captures by a team or can end after a set time. In addition to team score, players are awarded individual points for kills as well as capturing or defending flags. Individual scores do not affect team score.

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